1. Barnyard Club must be 400×560. It is highly suggested to link a high-resolution image to your asset of either 800×1120 or 1200×1680 pixels.
  2. Issuance must be LOCKED so your Barnyard Club cannot be inflated.
  3. Your submission may NOT be DIVISIBLE.
  4. No NSFW content.
  5. Issuance rules are a supply minimum of 21, a maximum 13,370.
  6. No websites and no QR codes.
  7. Please only one submission per artist until approved or denied.
  8. Do not share or sell your Barnyard Club before approval, otherwise, the Farmers Consortium will have to dismiss your produce.
  9. Once published you may sell and distribute your card however you see fit. Gamification and trading are encouraged.

Card size of 400×560 or equal ratio, and a hard limit of 10MB file size, Issuance rule will be minimum 21, maximum 13,370. Farmers are free to use whatever JSON tools you like for now, but this could be updated in the future, complete your submission via the button below.

Our template can be found here, but creators are free to create their look or use the template if they see fit.

Keep in mind most of the prep work on the farm happens in the winter because it’s all hands-on plow when it s growing season Lastly, don’t get mad if the Farmers Consortium changes their mind or makes a mistake, sometimes you have to pivot on the farm.

Harvest Structure
Each series of Barnyard Club will be tied to moon cycles. As each full moon starts, the new series will begin, and as the subsequent Full Moon happens the previous series will be completed. There is no set number of cards per moon cycle, it could be 5, it could be 200. The names of the moons can be used to create thematically but are not required.


Please use the addresses below if you would like to donate to the Barnyard Club or the Farmers Consortium for upkeep around the farm or for the pro bono work the Farmers do.

Barnyard Club – 1UKP7VVoTYtdz4JGKBWidedkPEd5jfdep
Farmers Consortium – 14cvk4p4LN2Lpn4AzkjUHDr7A2tKerMhzk